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Remote Pilots License (Visual Line OF Sight) RePL VLOS.

  This course prepares students for the Remote Pilot Licence (Multi Rotor) in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Authority in line with Part 101 Manual of Standards. Students gain the relevant knowledge in flight planning, navigation, meteorology, aerodynamics, Multi Rotor aircraft components, Air Law and Human Factors. The course also includes five hours of practical instruction on Multi Rotor Aircraft. On completion of the course you will be qualified to fly a drone commercially for a CASA approved Operator. The course will be conducted over five days.  

Moodle is coming to MFS.

MFS is moving to Moodle which is an online training platform used by tertiary educators such as Monash University and Australian National University. Moodle allows for our students to interact with their instructors and peers, and complete set work from the instructors. Having our own MFS Moodle website allows us to put portions of our courses online for the students to view the content, do quizzes, watch videos and interact with each other on a forum if they have questions which they want to ask one another.  This does not take away from any of the classroom teaching, but is a tool in addition to this. It gives students access to documents and support even while studying at home.

MFS shortlisted.

MFS has been shortlisted for the Industry Innovation Awards. These awards recognise and reward local companies and individuals that are at the forefront of aerospace innovation. There are four categories for which we have been shortlisted in the “Civil Industry SME Innovation Grant” category.

MFS a finalist.

Staff at MFS were very excited to be one of the finalists in the 2016 Victorian Training awards in the Vet in School Category. General Manager of MFS, Mark Darragh, received the award on behalf of the company.

New flight simulator.

  Located at the new Training Centre this is the latest addition to the MFS's pilot training systems. This CKAS full-motion simulator is based on the Piper Seminole twin engine aeroplane and is as realistic as they get. Save money on flight training and enjoy complete realism. See inside in 360º on MFS Facebook page.  

Graduation dinner.

Over 150 graduates and guests attended the inaugural MFS graduation late last year. This was a truly momentous occasion which marked the success of our courses. The evening event was a wonderful celebration for our graduates and we would like to thank our sponsors for helping to make this event possible.

Aviation for Women.

The aviation for Women conference is an initiative dedicated to support a higher representation of women in Aviation/Aerospace. This is an opportunity for prospective female aviators to speak directly with women in the industry. Hosted by MFS every year, contact us to find out about the next event.

Instructor of the year.

Australian Flying Magazine 2016 Wings Awards.

Our CFI, Gary, has been a flight instructor since the 1960s. Gary is still as dedicated to flight training as ever. Throughout his career he has been part of many students’ aviation journey. His work in the development of the PMI (principle methods of instruction) component of the Flight instructor training syllabus in the 1990s is still used today. Students, pilots, flight instructors, CASA and other stakeholders have the utmost respect for Gary’s wealth of knowledge and insights in pilot training.