Flight Instructor Rating

2017 Rob Avery ATPL Theory

ATPL Navigation:
9 Jan – 14 Jan 2017
ATPL Performance:
18 Jan – 24 Jan 2017
ATPL Systems:
30 Jan – 10 Feb 2017
ATPL Flight Planning:
20 Feb – 7 Mar 2017
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Flight instructors have a very important job in general aviation.  It is one of the most trusted positions in general aviation and has such, is an important responsibility in training students to fly safely and competently

Flight instructors teach students how to fly using a variety of methods that include textbooks, simulators and practical flight training. Flight instructors help students gain a thorough understanding of each flight lesson prior to taking to the air and also help prepare the student prepare for the written tests they can expect to face when applying for their pilot’s licence.

Being a Flight instructor gives you the ability to enhance your knowledge and skills as you progress through the various instructor grade and qualifications to.

As a flight instructor, you will meet many people from all walks of life, and they all share a passion for flying. You could have the privilege of helping both international and Australian students achieve their dreams of flight, and you will be the one who influences their future in aviation the most.


To be eligible for a flight instructor rating, the applicant needs to hold a commercial pilot licence.

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