Moorabbin Flying Services (MFS) formerly Moorabbin Flying School, was established in 1993 by a group of professional pilots with many years of aviation and business experience. Our goal was to provide excellence in flight training and specialist instruction to every student pilot. Today, some 19 years later I can confidently say we have delivered on that mission, as we are considered by our students and flight instructors as one of the best flying schools in Australia.

MFS has grown to become one of Moorabbin Airport’s premiere commercial pilot and private pilot training school. Our commitment to flying training is second to none, fostered by our highly experienced flight instructors, aviation theory instructors and approved flight testing officers, who together amass over 70,000 logged flight hours between them. Many of MFS former students and staff are now pilots for major national, international and regional airlines, and our alumni program is developing into a global network of pilots who share the same universal bond created by the freedom unique to being a pilot. If you have always dreamed of flying for fun, business or as a career, then I encourage you to do your research, make contact with us here at MFS to take that vital first step to becoming a competent and confident pilot.

I look forward to speaking with you when you are ready to take the step towards learning to fly.

Andrew Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

The Directors and staff of MFS have a keen desire to make sure that the quality of flight instruction and training that you experience at MFS exceeds your expectations.  At MFS we are pleased to offer each of our students and customers a guaranteed commitment of service and excellence to their aspirations in flight, be that private flying or a career in aviation.

Our promise of quality is to provide you with …

  • The highest quality flying training possible.
  • The highest quality aircraft and levels of safety in General Aviation today.
  • The highest quality instruction and on going advice, long after your training has finished.
  • A friendly supportive learning environment, which develops competent and confident pilots.
  • An ongoing support network of professional pilots to enhance knowledge and opportunities.
  • Your passport into the world of flight, as a mature and confident pilot.

If you would like to discuss getting started with your flight training, or would like to come in to see our facilities and brand new Piper training aircraft, then call us today.